12 Tips For Avoiding ‘Single Tax’ When You Don’t Have A Partner

1. If you’re living alone, make sure you have single person council tax discount (25% off).

2. For Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, etc – can you share accounts with family to split the cost?

3. Holidays – if you can go with friends you can share the hotel costs, if not then shop around for good deals and if you don’t mind slumming it a bit, stretch your budget that way.

4. Food shopping – plan your meals and batch cook/freeze so you waste less and are more economical with time and money.

5. Don’t say yes to plans if you don’t want to – it’ll cost you and you won’t enjoy it. Do what makes you happy.

6. Look for fun and free events to attend if you’re feeling stagnant with your own company.

7. Don’t compare yourself to couples and what they have or are doing – it’s not healthy for your mind or self-worth.

8. Never undersell yourself. Know your worth if you’re job-hunting or seeking promotion or a raise; men aren’t afraid to ask for what they want.

9. Enjoy being single and spending time with others who make you feel good. A night in with a home-cooked meal and movie with the girls can cost you less than a tenner!


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