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Simple, easy and money-saving ideas that also do something positive for the environment:

Skip overnight shipping

Overnight shipping may get your package there in a jiffy, but it takes a tremendous amount of fuel (not to mention money) to make it happen. If it doesn’t absolutely, positively have to be there overnight, opt for ground shipping, which uses more fuel-efficient trucks to move packages.

Add paper to crisper drawer

When you fill the produce and crisper drawers in your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables, there’s one more thing you should add: a sheet of newspaper or a torn-up brown paper shopping bag. The addition of thick, porous paper on the bottom of the drawer does two things: First, it helps cushion produce and prevent bruising; and second, it absorbs a gas called ethylene, which the produce gives off as it ripens. Too much ethylene can cause all of your fruits and veggies to over-ripen very quickly. This little trick can help you cut back on food waste and save money, too.


Americans owe over $1.5 trillion in student loans. WalletHub divided the median student-loan balance by the median earnings of bachelor’s degree holders over the age of 25 in over 2,500 U.S. cities.

What they found is that that borrowers in select cities owe more than 80 cents for every dollar they earn. Here are the 10 cities where residents are most impacted by student debt:

1. Sun City West, Arizona

2. Green Valley, Arizona

3. Palatka, Florida

4. East Liverpool, Ohio

5. Waycross, Georgia

6. Lady Lake, Florida

7. Elizabeth City, North Carolina

8. Murray, Kentucky

9. Austell, Georgia

10. Dacula, Georgia


By Chuck Sheppard

News That Sounds Like a Joke: Arnold J. Teeter, 49, became angry while dining at a Perkins restaurant in Painesville, Ohio, on April 16. First, he threw a menu at his waitress; when a manager stepped in, Teeter upped his game and grabbed his pet iguana from under his shirt, twirled it in the air and launched it toward the manager. Teeter was charged with disorderly conduct — and with cruelty to animals, because Copper, the turquoise iguana, suffered a broken leg in the incident. The Lake County Humane Society has taken the female lizard into protective custody and is trying to raise money for the surgery she needs, reports WEWS. No word on whether the Perkins manager suffered any injuries in the incident.

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